Loom Portal

Loom Portal


invited curated exhibition, kranzberg exhibition series, “electric is the love”

laumeier sculpture park, st. louis


media links:
riverfront times revier of electric is the love by jessica baran, 24 nov 2011
st. louis beacon review of electric is love by ivy cooper, 14 nov 2011


Loom Portal is a proxy for the covered windows in the galleries at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis, MO. A commissioned installation for the gallery, Loom Portal is conceived as a light retention and transmission device that grafts onto the façade of the building, establishing real-time interface between the segregated interior and exterior environments.

This simple interface is expanded, thickened and made visible through the organization logistics of light transfer. Eight hundred light-gathering mirrors sample the exterior light and color from the park landscape and carried the sampled light through eight miles of fiber optic filament. A “loom” consisting of a wood frame and two heddles hanging from the ceiling stretch the fibers and organize the sequence from the exterior environment input mirrors to the interior output screen. The filaments terminate at a diffusing screen which displays the sampled light through an array of “pixels”.

Pixel by pixel, the first heddle rearranges the samples from the concave mirror array grid and mirrors the initial image from upside-down to right-side-up. The second heddle slips the strings of light-carrying filaments into the forty-by-twenty grid of the output screen. Finally, the reorganization of the exterior environment displays as a phased pattern and newly undulating horizon.