Common Ground Studio



Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore



Cindy Witono, Clara Calista Dong Bing Qiao,Hyosoo Lee, Ivan Daniel Deviano, Jai Atul Shah, Ng Qi Boon Amanda, Ong Mei Shi Rebecca, Tan Kuan Rong, Tan Yujie, Teo Yu En Dionne, Thia Shan Quan

Option Studio


The studio positions students as agents that negotiate, with playfully intuitive and spontaneous attitude, to transform conflict into opportunity for novel engagements. The context of this mediation lies within the potential recurring social demographic composition that manifest approximately in the mid-range of Singapore’s HDB estate’s 99 year lease. Within this observed time frame, the estate’s social demographic makeup shifts to encompass a widening of social demographic sampling of the nation state, prompting a sudden change in the diversity and density of social infrastructure needed within the estate. To rise above the discomfort of extreme adjacency, resource incompatibility, and diverging spatial priories, the Strategic Research group within Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore conducted a workshop to facilitate conversations between various social service vendors, URA, MSF, HDB, MOF, PA.