b. 1986, HK.


The Team


Christine Yogiaman is a founding partner of Yogiaman Tracy Design, with Kenneth Tracy.  yo_cy is currently designing projects in Indonesia, focusing on the utilization of digital techniques along with contextual influences to create culturally embedded, affective work. By combining labor intensive acts in craft culture with rule-based, digital frameworks these projects multiply the everyday to intensify space.

Christine is an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design at Washington University in St Louis. She develops and coordinates the graduate Core studio sequence and digital representation coursework. She has most recently received Honorable Mention for 2012 Steedman Fellowship international design competition.

Christine completed her BS in Architecture from Taubman College at University of Michigan and her March from GSAPP at Columbia University. She has worked with Dean/Wolf Architects in New York on the Queens Hospital EMS Station, which was awarded excellence in design by New York City’s Art Commission.


Kenneth Tracy is a designer and fabrication specialist teaching at Washington University's Graduate School of Architecture.  In 2010 Tracy co-founded Yogiaman Tracy Design with Christine Yogiaman. With ongoing projects in Indonesia and the US yo_cy leverages digital techniques and contextual influences to create culturally reflexive spaces. 

Currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at WashU, Tracy coordinates core studios and integrates digital technology into the curriculum. In 2009 Tracy established WashU’s Digital Initiative Lab (DIL), a facility for large-scale cnc prototyping and fabrication research. He has previously taught at the Pratt Institute, Columbia University, and NJIT.

Tracy received his Master of Architecture Degree from Columbia University, and Bachelor of Design Degree from University of Florida. Formerly Tracy was founding partner at Associated Fabrication and 4-pli Design in Brooklyn, NY. Previously, Tracy worked as an architect with Carl Abbott Architects and for Imrey Culbert LP.